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Blessed Desperation

I’ll admit, I was skeptical when my friend recommended the CD. “Another teaching on the Beatitudes?” I groaned (not in his presence, of course.)  “I’ve heard them all.”  Admission number two: I was wrong.   The teacher said something that … Continue reading

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No Choice In The Matter

The servant of Abraham, whose name we do not know, was given a task by his master to find a wife for Abraham’s son Isaac.  Out he went.  Sitting by a well to rest, he devised an elaborate plot.  “If … Continue reading

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Tired Of Teachings

I’m tired of Bible teachings.  Make that REALLY tired.  In well over three decades of church involvement, I’ve heard and read hundreds of them.  Ask me how many I remember… not a lot.  The number that have really affected my … Continue reading

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