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Let’s Get Spiritual

For decades, I’ve been told how to live the spiritual life.  Unfortunately, most of the advice I’ve received is about the physical realm, not the spiritual realm at all.  Teachings, books, conversations, and – sadly – my own self-talk for … Continue reading

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Great Aunt Bertha And Spiritual Growth

Everyone has a Great Aunt Bertha.  That might not be her name, but the principle is nearly universal.  Great Aunt Bertha is that relative you see only once every few years.  And she always says “My, how you’ve grown,” to … Continue reading

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Sparrow God

People often quote Jesus as having said that not one sparrow falls on the ground without God’s knowledge or consent.  But a careful reading of the Bible shows that this is not what Jesus said.  A more accurate translation of … Continue reading

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Better Than Rising Again

The Bible tells us that Jesus, the physical manifestation of God, died a horrible death.  The message of  Easter is that He rose again.  So what brought Him back to life?   The answer lies in the words of Jesus: … Continue reading

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