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Thanks For Nothing

A lot of things didn’t happen in my life this week.  I didn’t get in an accident, break any bones, or receive a troubling diagnosis.  I didn’t fight with my wife, damage friendships, lay awake worrying (too much), or even misplace … Continue reading

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Joy And Consideration

I worry too much.  And while I tell myself that this helps me avoid a lot of negative situations (there might be a little truth to that), the bigger truth is that most of my fears never come to pass. … Continue reading

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What’s The Rush?

Jesus was good friends with a family comprised of three siblings – Mary, Martha, and their brother Lazarus.  Scripture tells us that Jesus had a special love for each one and hung out in their home.  Likewise, they were generous … Continue reading

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Friendship Sacrifice

The first few books of the Bible contain instructions for many different kinds of rituals to be observed by followers of God.  Many of them were very costly to those involved.  The one I find most interesting is called the … Continue reading

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