A Log And A Spec

It’s practically cliché to note that telling other people how to correct their faults seems a lot easier than overcoming my own shortcomings.  Actually, there’s a good, logical reason for that.


Jesus told his followers to remove the log from their own eye before trying to take the spec out of someone else’s eye.  A log is big, heavy, and cumbersome.  Moving one is a chore that requires a great deal of work and some assistance.  A spec, however, is easily brushed away.


To help others, I must first realize that my own needs are great.  The support and aid of friends is essential if I ever hope to rid myself of the obstacles that obscure my vision.  Only then am I able to return the favor … even a small fraction of it.


(Thanks to all those who are part of this process in my life.  And special thanks to Linda, whose insight sparked this entry.)


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2 Responses to A Log And A Spec

  1. Deb D. says:

    I love “good” and “logical”. To think of the removing the spec lesson with an empathetic slant is refreshing.

  2. Angel 22 says:

    After reading your comment I happened to hear a preacher talk on this scripture. He mentioned that the Bible states the things God hates and are sins. He never really answered the question if we should address people on these things. I don’t know for sure but it may come down to motive and the standard with which we feel we need to tell people what we think is “wrong” with them. Is it God’s word or my opinion? Why do I feel the need to approach this person. Is it with pride or humility? Before speaking with someone about their “speck” I would suggest committing the matter to prayer, search the Scripture and reflect inward.

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