A Log And A Spec

It’s practically cliché to note that telling other people how to correct their faults seems a lot easier than overcoming my own shortcomings.  Actually, there’s a good, logical reason for that.


Jesus told his followers to remove the log from their own eye before trying to take the spec out of someone else’s eye.  A log is big, heavy, and cumbersome.  Moving one is a chore that requires a great deal of work and some assistance.  A spec, however, is easily brushed away.


To help others, I must first realize that my own needs are great.  The support and aid of friends is essential if I ever hope to rid myself of the obstacles that obscure my vision.  Only then am I able to return the favor … even a small fraction of it.


(Thanks to all those who are part of this process in my life.  And special thanks to Linda, whose insight sparked this entry.)


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