Agreeing With The Accuser

Satan is called “the accuser of the brethren.”  When it comes to me, I happen to agree with many of his accusations.  He accuses me of being a sinner.  I agree.  He points his finger at me and screams “Prideful.  Arrogant.  Lustful.  Selfish.”  I reply “Guilty, as charged.” 


The Bible says that we are to confess our sins.  One of the definitions of confession is “to agree.”  So maybe it’s proper that I concur with Satan’s charges.


Agreeing with Satan in matters that could lead to very serious consequences might be considered dangerous.  But I can do that, because in addition to having an accuser, I also have an advocate with the Father.  My advocate is Jesus.  Since I have no defense for myself, Jesus defends me.  And as He is the Son of the Judge, and has already fulfilled my punishment, my case is won.


That’s good news.


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