Ambassador’s Test

One by one, the United State Secretary of State interviewed ambassadors to foreign countries.  His goal was to determine which one was worthy of a valued appointment.  For this there was a simple test.  He took each of the ambassadors to a large globe in his office and asked them to point to their country.


The Ambassador to Uruguay pointed to Uruguay.  The Ambassador to Kenya pointed to Kenya.  Etc.  Until one ambassador pointed to the United States and said “That is my country.”  This person won the appointment.


The Bible tells me that I am an Ambassador for Christ.  I have been assigned here by my King to portray the culture, ideals and values of my home country to this world.  Of course I am not alone.  There are millions of us, and most do a better job at it than I do.


No doubt I love this planet and this nation, as any ambassador loves the land to which he’s assigned.  But my citizenship is not here.  I’m a foreigner.  And I must never forget that.


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