Better Than Rising Again

The Bible tells us that Jesus, the physical manifestation of God, died a horrible death.  The message of  Easter is that He rose again.  So what brought Him back to life?


The answer lies in the words of Jesus: “I am the resurrection and the life.”  It’s not that Jesus was resurrected by an outside force.  There was no force sufficient to do that. Instead, being the resurrection Himself, death was overcome.


Likewise, Jesus tells us “The one who believes in Me, even if he dies, will live.”  He lives, not because of some divine act of muscle-flexing, but because Jesus The Life is in him.


Too often, I have been concerned with what Jesus could do.  Much better, however, is to focus on who Jesus is.  It’s there – not in favors, but in that Person – that my hope belongs.




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2 Responses to Better Than Rising Again

  1. Humbleman says:

    NOTE: As a result of the comment below, I changed this post… because the commenter made a good point. Therefore, it might not make sense to you if you compare the comment to the post. I hope that makes sense itself. Anyway, thank you, Humbleman, for your comment. — Another Sheep.

    I’m confused (not the first time). When Jesus died, His earthly body died. His spirit went to the Father (just like when our bodies die our spirit will go to the Father). God resurrected Jesus body and His spirit returned. I guess I’m not understanding how you say “God died”, I just don’t think that’s possible.

  2. AnotherSheep says:

    Thank you, Humbleman, for your comment. You made some good points, so I changed the post. The part that you say confused you was not really pertinent to the main message of the post anyway, which is that Jesus IS the resurrection. It’s Him that we seek… not what He can do. There’s much more here to discuss, of course. Thanks again. — Another Sheep

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