Black Friday

There was a day in history on which the whole world went dark from noon until three in the afternoon.  What horrific event caused this, and why is it significant?

Matthew’s Gospel describes the death of Jesus Christ. Part of his account details this darkening of the land, which took place just before the Son of God shouted His last words and ceased to live in the physical realm.  Earth itself would miss this man, it appeared.

For awhile, it was truly a black Friday.  That’s always the case when God seems absent from the situation. I feel bleak. Confused. Depressed. There is nowhere to turn and there are no concrete answers. All the books and teachings come up short. These are the darkest times in life.

Fortunately, Jesus didn’t leave His creation alone.  He never does.  Instead, His Spirit came to reside in His followers, just as He had promised.  This is still the case today, as God Himself comes to me in the form of His people as often as through any other equally miraculous way.

The original black Friday was pretty devastating.  The story had a happy ending, though, which is a true cause for thanksgiving.


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