But Enough About Me…

I have no way of knowing if this story is true.  It gets told and re-told in the business world, and it also illustrates a spiritual point.


An eager young man once met Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton hotel chain.  He seized the opportunity by asking the successful entrepreneur, “Mr. Hilton, what advice can you give someone like me?”  Hilton replied “Always put the shower curtain inside the bath tub.”


The young man hoped to receive direction that would contribute to his life.  Hilton wanted to relay a message that would benefit himself.


Scripture tells me to look out for the interests of others, to regard them as higher than myself, to treat them as I wish to be treated, etc.  Due to the fallen human condition, this is only possible through the grace of the indwelling God.  He then meets my own needs through precious people who hear His voice and follow.


If ever I’m asked for guidance by a fellow traveler on Earth, I hope I’ll respond with something beneficial rather than selfish.  And I give my deepest thanks to those who do exactly that for me.


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