Christmas: Thinking Outside The Box

The volume of packages coming and going has certainly increased in the past few weeks. It’s that time of year. But not all presents come in a carton.

Imagine the delight someone might feel upon receiving a delivery of forgiveness. Or how about a generous portion of kind words, selected for the specific occasion? Peace, patience, acts of service, mercy – surely these are on everybody’s wish list.

Although they can’t be admired physically, such gifts often have enormous value. They may evoke deep emotions, heal painful suffering, maybe change a life forever. No wonder we hunger after them.

Spreading the cheer of intangibles produces many benefits. And as an added bonus, no boxes are required.


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  • Wonderful message. I’m reminded of a dying man’s final words to a daughter he wanted to offer some wisdom to. He said simply this: “Generosity. Be generous with your time, be generous with your love, be generous with your life. Be generous, always.”

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