Classic Oldies

For the past few weeks I have not written a post here on Other Sheep.  The reason is simple …  I had nothing new to say.  While that may seem like sacrilege to the teachers and preachers who come up with something several times a week, the truth is that my silence was in good company.  God Himself, often has nothing new to say.

There was a time when God said that the root of the Christian life is love.  “Love Me and love your neighbor as yourself”, He said.  Today a situation comes along and I seek God for guidance.  His answer?  “Love Me and love your neighbor as yourself.”

God once stated that we humans don’t need to be fearful and anxious.  Circumstances develop in life, and I worry.  “What should I do, God?” I cry.  His small voice speaks in my spirit, telling me that I don’t need to be fearful and anxious.

In these and many other cases, God has a lot to say, to be sure. But it’s not novel stuff.  It’s what He’s said all along.

Solomon, the wisest man in history, wrote “There’s nothing new under the sun.”  I’ve never quite figured that out, but I’m starting to think that even God relates.  What’s new?  Maybe nothing.  But there are a lot of classic oldies worth hearing again.


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