Doing The Impossible

Jesus told a man who had been paralyzed for years to pick up his bed and walk.  But how can a paralyzed man do such a thing?  He can not.


Jesus told an adulterous woman to sin no more.  But how can someone habitually involved in such a lifestyle become completely holy?  She can not.


Jesus told a dead man to come out of his tomb.  But how can a lifeless corpse even hear the command, let alone obey it?  He can not.


Nevertheless, the paralytic walked, the woman caught in adultery became a devoted follower of Christ, and the dead man – Lazarus – arose.  It was not they who did the impossible on their own.  It was Jesus who did the impossible in them.


Jesus tells me to forgive those who have wronged me; to be at peace in the midst of trials; to unconditionally love others, including my enemies.  How can a mere human beings like me comply?  I can not.  But Jesus Himself living in and through me forgives, calms, and loves.


I must submit to Jesus… and do the impossible.



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