Faith Highway

Two people are conversing on cell phones while driving down the highway. One says, “The terrain here is mountainous, there is snow all around. There’s a thick, natural forest in sight, but no leaves on the trees.” The other replies, “I disagree. The ground is totally flat. Green grass everywhere. The palm trees lining the road are perfectly spaced, so I know they were planted by landscapers.”

Which one is right? Who’s wrong? What if the first person is in northern California, while the second is in Miami?

We are all on a journey of faith. Where I am currently, the view may be quite distinct from that of others at alternate places on the very same road. I might get to where they are one day and see things differently, or vice versa. And maybe both of us are observing truth.

Let’s accept one another as we’re all along for the ride.


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