Faith To Be Found

As I write this, the world is in chaos. It’s actually a bit scary. There are armed conflicts across the globe. The international medical community is desperately trying to keep a deadly virus from becoming a worldwide epidemic. Some say that rising tides caused by climate change will soon wipe out miles of coastal areas. I hate to sound depressing, but it’s all right there in the headlines.

Depending upon how literally or allegorically one interprets the bible, it could be said that these situations were predicted thousands of years ago. “Wars and rumors of wars”, mass deaths, and our planet experiencing “birth pains” are all foretold in scripture to occur before the end of civilization.

Jesus seemed at least equally concerned about a different kind of catastrophe. “When I return,” he said “will I find faith on the Earth?”

Efforts to bring about world peace, stop the spread of disease, or lessen the carbon footprint are extremely important. Likewise, it’s crucial to help our brothers and sisters progress on the spiritual journey, and to accept their support as well. This doesn’t mean – in my opinion – promoting a certain theology or coercing someone to say a particular set of magic words. Instead it involves living in a way that points people to the God who loves them. Opportunities abound, from offering a kind word, a smile and a listening ear, to giving time and resources to assist those in need.

The end of the age may indeed be hastened by the current calamities, or it may not. As I try to make a positive impact, it’s important that I encourage found faith as well.


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