Father, Gardener, Holy Ghost

Jesus had been brutally executed days ago. Mary Magdalene, who loved him immensely, was crying so uncontrollably that she couldn’t make out the man standing before her. She thought he was the gardener. Then he uttered one word … her name, “Mary,” and she knew that it was actually Jesus, risen from the dead.


Sometimes when I’m brokenhearted, Jesus comes to comfort me. I don’t always recognize him at first, because he takes the form of ordinary people: a business associate, running buddy, client, co-worker, friend, neighbor, or the like. I finally realize that it’s none other than Jesus himself, revealing his love through each of them.


To all who show the character of Christ to me, thank you. (And most of you don’t even know you’re doing it.) My deepest hope is to reflect his grace and love to others.


Happy Easter.

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