Finding God Without Looking

The Bible encourages people to seek God with their whole hearts.  If I am honest, however, I must admit that I don’t always do that.  The many struggles of this life sometimes distract me from searching for God.


It is comforting, therefore, to remember the words recorded by in the Bible by Isaiah, where God says: “I am being found by people who were not looking for me.  To them I say ‘I am here.’”


I often find God whether I am looking for Him or not.  He shows up in something said by a friend, in a realization that comes to mind, in a sensation within the soul, in daily circumstances, and in thousands of other ways.  During those unexpected intersections with God, I pause just a moment.  I hear His voice in my spirit, making His presence known.


By all means, it is good to seek God wholeheartedly.  But when I don’t do that, I can take courage nonetheless.  God reveals Himself to people who are not even looking for Him.  And just to make sure they don’t miss Him, God speaks out, saying “I am here.”


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