Freeze Frame

It seems that every time I embark upon what should be a simple home project, it winds up taking all day. A number of steps inevitably go wrong while the job is underway.

Let’s suppose I want to hang a picture. The drill’s battery is dead, the right screwdriver is nowhere to be found, my measurements are two inches off, something falls on the floor and breaks – you get the idea.

Though a direct analogy to God is theologically incorrect, I wonder if he feels something even a little similar. Could it be that the Almighty sits in heaven thinking “I created a beautiful world, and those humans polluted it, used its resources for all the wrong reasons, and wound up hating one another.”?

In my case, the task is always successful by the time the saga ends. The picture gets secured to the wall, perfectly centered, with no evidence of the struggles that were involved.

Likewise, God’s plan hasn’t totally played out yet. The yearning of loving hearts is that eventually this whole situation will be as he designed it, even if that occurs only in some other realm.

What we see as current chaos is likely a freeze frame of a work in progress that will one day be completed magnificently. At least let’s hope so.


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