Friendship Sacrifice

The first few books of the Bible contain instructions for many different kinds of rituals to be observed by followers of
God.  Many of them were very costly to those involved.  The one I find most interesting is called the fellowship sacrifice.

True fellowship, what we might refer to today as deep friendship, often involves sacrifices.  I’ve been fortunate to observe and receive these often.  People have forfeited time to lend an ear to another’s woes, given up personal purchases to help meet a burdensome need, surrendered their own preferences in favor of their brother or sister’s, etc.

No doubt the community of faith is supposed to be one of profoundly close relationships.  Sadly, too often people who call each other friends barely get past the superficial.  Perhaps that’s because there’s a missing element – one that’s as Biblical as it is painful, and worth every ache.  The fellowship sacrifice of course.


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