Getting It Together

It’s late December. Just a few days ago, on Christmas Eve or very early the next morning, parents in celebrating households across the globe faced those three words that bring fear to their hearts: Some Assembly Required.

Bicycles, swing sets, doll houses, wagons, stereos … they all come in pieces and have to be put together. Sometimes the result is a thing of beauty. Often, however, there are skinned knuckles, arguments between spouses, and parts left over.

Life is similar. Answers to spiritual questions don’t pop into our heads and hearts all at once. Situations aren’t always clear. The Bible itself affirms, through examples of its characters and even outright statements, that revelation comes a little at a time at best. “For we know in part.”

Thankfully, God knows exactly what the final outcome will be. He sees the photo on the box and is engineering circumstances to get us to look exactly like it. The work is done in our character, as traits like love, joy, peace and the like are built through our daily experiences.

Some assembly is definitely required if anything worthwhile is to come from the miscellaneous pieces of life. That’s true in the spiritual realm, and in the basement or garage at 2:00am on December 25 where Mom and Dad scratch their heads while the children sleep.


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