God In Blank Spaces

One of the tools that helps me stay organized is an ongoing list of tasks in priority order. I re-write it regularly as situations demand. And since the most important area of my life is maintaining a spiritual connection with God, that goes on the very top of each page.

In the early days of making these lists, I would write a nine-word statement on that first line every morning. As time went on, however, repeating the same saying got tedious, so I shortened the phrase. Eventually I discontinued it altogether. Instead, I did something else that became just as powerful.

If you were to look at my task list today, you would notice only white space on the top line of the paper. That area, with nothing in it, represents and reminds me of my highest priority.

Life often contains what seem to be periods of emptiness – we are lonely, lose our focus, or even stumble. But as we dig deeper we see that those times weren’t vacant at all. God left His mark right there. He can be found in blank spaces.


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  1. Alan W. says:

    “God In Blank Spaces” reminds me that my life is always a cooperative venture with God. That whatever my priorities of the day may be, I accomplish nothing on my own and that God appears in many forms when needed. As I work, God will be working with me – especially when things are not making sense or going smoothly.

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