God With Us

I went to a party last Friday night.  Since it’s the middle of December, I suppose you could call it a Christmas party.  It was held at someone’s home, and about eleven people showed up.


A few hours into the evening I looked around the room.  There were conversations going on everywhere.  They ebbed and flowed.  They changed participants and changed subjects.  They covered sports, politics, life after death, business, jobs, the spiritual journey, desert recipes, wine, how to know the will of God, finances, marriage, the authenticity of scripture, friendships, health, the second coming of Christ, college, sickness, angels, and a lot of other things I didn’t overhear.  I was nearly breathless with the glory of it.


Jesus said that whenever there’s a party and He’s invited, He’ll be there.  I believe I saw that promise fulfilled on Friday night.  Nobody called a meeting to order… nobody said “Let’s open in prayer.”  We just experienced each other, and the Jesus in each other.  We enjoyed ourselves as He enjoyed Himself.


“The spirit searches all things,” the Bible tells us, “even the depths of God.”  In that simple house last Friday, the miraculously-conceived Son of God in me searched for the miraculously-conceived Son of God in others.  When they came in contact, the babies jumped with excitement, as John did in Elizabeth’s womb a couple thousand years ago.  I felt that on Friday.


This was indeed a Christmas party… in the most real sense I can imagine.  God with us.  Emmanuel.  Merry Christmas.


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  1. Robin says:

    Wow…that was wonderful. It sure is amazing how God works…and through whom God works. Thank you for posting this and for being a wonderful example of organic church….

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