Good Morning

I like mornings. I happen to be the most energetic when the sun’s still low in the sky, but there’s a bigger reason to value the early hours.

Regardless of how positive or how challenging a day begins, by the end of it I’m typically feeling pretty worn out. In addition to physical exhaustion, there’s the mental. Add to that a spiritual fatigue that comes from fighting doubts and fears, dealing with temptation, trying to control thoughts, and the like. Sometimes I win those battles, and sometimes I don’t.

How refreshing to see in scripture that God’s love and mercies are new every morning.  So no matter how badly I’ve messed up, if I simply go to bed and wait, I’ll have a new supply of love and mercy from God Himself ready for me then. And this is true whether my mess ups have happened just once, or continually for decades. No matter how far I stray, His kindness and acceptance are there for me, new every morning.

Mornings are good.


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  1. Alan W. says:

    The notion of a fresh start each day is one I’ve always embraced. Looking at it in the context of another chance to walk the path of spiritual growth makes it even more meaningful. Good morning? You better believe it.

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