Grace And Truth

The Bible tells us that Jesus came to Earth “full of grace and truth.”  It does not say that He was “full of truth and grace.”  There is a huge difference.


The truth is that I’m a no-good, rotten sinner.  But the grace of Jesus renders me blameless in God’s eyes.


If Jesus came to us with truth first and grace second, our relationship with Him would be as unworthy, wretched creatures groveling at the feet of a divine benefactor.  Perhaps that’s not so bad, but it’s not the way Jesus has chosen to relate to us.


Instead, He comes to us first with His grace.  He covers our sin and ugliness.  His grace makes us pure and holy. His grace defines the truth.  Then, when He looks at us with His truth (after applying grace), He sees a blameless, holy being… one who is seated with Himself in heavenly places.


Grace – then truth – is a good thing.



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