Grace… Enough Is Enough

Scripture tells us in one place that God’s grace is “sufficient”.  Elsewhere it says that God makes His grace “abound,” using a Greek word that is more accurately translated “super abound.”  So which is it?  I can’t actually say, but I have a theory, based on observation and experience.


God has an infinite supply of grace.  He is extremely generous when it comes to giving His creation expressions of His love that they don’t deserve.  He will give us grace to cover any sin or situation in which we find ourselves.  The way He measures that grace, however, is in portions that embrace only what we need at the time, and often no more.


The person who loses his or her temper for a split second receives just enough grace to ask God’s forgiveness and that of the other person, and to resist a little more effectively next time the temptation strikes.  The person taken by a moral failure finds grace to climb the long road back to recovery with God, with those who have been wronged, and with him or herself.


The family who faces a minor trial receives just enough divine favor to endure.  The one going through major tragedy finds strength to somehow press on another minute, through God’s grace.  Like the manna that was given to the children of Israel in the wilderness, we receive only what we need for right now… and right now… and right now… and right now…


God’s grace is super abounding, which means that it will be sufficient for whatever I’m going through.  If my theory is true – and I think it is – enough will have to be enough.


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