Grace Upon Grace

The word “grace” can be described as a situation that arises when a person receives something extra good that he or she does not deserve.  It may even seem a bit unfair, such as if someone worked only two hours and got paid for eight.  But those on the receiving end of grace never seem to complain… especially when they realize how badly it’s needed.


Biblically, we’re told that God gives grace to his human creation in the form of His love, forgiveness, direction, etc.  We’re not worthy of it, but we get it anyway.  How is it, then, that a God who claims to be just overlooks people’s shortcomings?


The answer is found in the Bible itself.  John tells us that we not only receive grace, we receive “grace upon grace.”  Because we don’t deserve grace, God gives us the grace to receive grace.  Of course we don’t deserve that either, so He gives us the grace to receive the grace to receive the grace.  You get the idea.


Thank God that He has chosen to give me what I don’t deserve, so the grace I certainly don’t deserve can be mine as well.



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