Guess Who’s Listening

There are times when I just want to vent. I don’t need a fix or a solution. I’m not looking for the ten steps that will lead me to victory. I’d just like to get whatever it is out of my head and share it with someone.

Personally, I’m fortunate to have a few friends to call on during those times, but these types of people are rare.

The words of David in the Psalms, therefore, comfort me. Speaking to God, he wrote, “I told you about my life and you listened to me.” God listening — just listening — to man. Amazing.

No doubt there is a lot that God can teach me, and at times my best course of action is to be silent and hear what He has to say. But once in awhile I want to whine, gloat, or maybe just ramble. Apparently He’s OK with that. He’s willing to listen.


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