Happy 2009

An event of massive proportions occurred last night.  I could barely believe my eyes.  But it’s true that last night, the entire world commemorated the enormous impact made by the life of Jesus Christ.  This was celebrated in every venue imaginable, and literally around the globe: small gatherings in simple homes; elaborate galas in beautiful halls; mass assemblies in major cities.  The event will continue to be referenced every day by every person on planet Earth. 


To what do I refer?  The changing of the year to 2009.


In days past, the year was dated by the length of time which elapsed since the beginning of the reign of the current king.  For example, it might be “the eighteenth year of King Jeroboam,” or “the third year of Asa, king of Judah.”  Historic literature is full of such references.  When a new king took the throne, the numbering started over.


We are now in year 2009.  It is 2009 years from what?  What occurred 2009 years ago that was so magnificent that the numbering of years started over and has continued in sequence until now?  The universally accepted answer is… the life of Jesus.


Regardless of our personal beliefs about this person – whether he was God-man, con man, crazy man, or simply man – he must have been something out of the ordinary to affect every date reference for the past twenty centuries plus.  No other philosopher, self-help guru, politician, statesman or religious figure can say that, yet I follow people in all those categories.  Jesus’ life and teachings may be worth at least studying, based simply on the fact that it’s 2009.


Happy New Year.


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