Heavenly Mom

The Bible is filled with references to God as our Father.  But when it comes to a spiritual mother, the scriptures might seem silent, at first.  My earthly mother was the bride of my earthly father.  Likewise, the books of Hosea and Ephesians give the identity of the bride of our heavenly Father: fellow Believers.


The community of faith is responsible to fulfill the role of a loving mother to those within it.  It’s to be a nurturing group, soothing wounds, supporting growth, standing on the sidelines like cheering soccer moms, and doing a million other things that great mothers do. 


Proverbs says, “She is a tree of life to them.”  While this speaks of wisdom in general, it’s true that wise mothers become a tree of life – a source of so many answers and solutions – to their children.  Thank you, to all who have been that to me.  Happy Mother’s Day.


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