Help? How?

There were a lot of problems in society when Jesus walked the Earth. Gender bias, racial oppression, social prejudice, economic trouble, religious conflict, political polarization, incurable disease, corruption everywhere – you name it. How did he react?

Some see Jesus as a revolutionary. He spoke boldly against injustices in all areas. These people point to select biblical references which show him leading protests and the like. His mission was to bring about change at all costs, they say.

Others cite alternate passages of chapter and verse. They assert that Jesus paid the system little mind. He lived outside of norms, advocating a counter-culture to act as things could / should be, instead of kicking against how they were.

No doubt additional positions exist.

More extreme proponents of each camp argue ad nauseum most everywhere – social media, article comments sections, street corners, pulpits, and more – possibly even in reactions to this very post. The sides nearly come to blows.

The passion to make a difference is to be applauded, but what type of response is appropriate? … especially for those who claim to follow Jesus as their example?

I have my opinions, and I think the answer might be found right in the question. But I don’t want to start a fight, so it’s probably best for me to say no more. Plus, a hurting world needs my attention in a zillion ways – from family and friends to strangers on other continents – so I’ll stop writing now and see if I can do something to help.


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