Holy … Who Me?

If I were to stand in front of a room full of people and ask for a show of hands of everyone who considered himself or herself to be holy, I doubt I’d get many takers. We’re just not geared to think of ourselves that way. This exposes a dilemma, as the Lord commands his followers “Be holy because I am holy.” What can we do?

Perhaps a simple definition will help. Biblically speaking, the word “holy” means “set apart for a purpose.”

True to form, the Almighty not only gives the mandate, he provides the fulfillment. He made every person unique, and he created us each for something special. Our overarching purpose is to love God and our neighbor. Then there are individual assignments, divinely set up, that provide opportunities to flesh that out. These are revealed all the time, as our lives intersect with fellow humans. Scripture even tells us that we’ve been irrevocably given whatever talents are needed to accomplish all of this.

Oh yeah, we’re holy alright. We’ve been set apart, whether we want to be or not, and for a purpose established in the very throne room of heaven.

So, who out there considers himself or herself to be holy? Yes, I see that hand.


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