Home Improvement

Imagine a group of people.  Each is an expert in some facet of home improvement.  They each live in a house that is in disrepair in some way, but not in the area of their own expertise.  There’s somebody there who could fix whatever’s wrong with anyone else’s house.  And they all have plenty of money to pay for anything that needs to be done.


Sadly, none of these people know that those in the group are home repair experts, or that anyone among them has a repair need.  Although they get together regularly, they don’t talk about such things.  Instead, they converse as though their homes were in perfect condition.  All of them would be glad to assist their friends, but no one actually comes out and says “Here’s what I’m good at. Does anybody need my help?”  All the while they affirm their love for one another.


Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  Yet this describes the experience of many – including me – on the journey of faith.  The home in disrepair is my life … I’m good at making it look just fine, when in truth I have many needs.  I’m not always sure where to turn, because I haven’t asked others where they feel motivated to help.  The areas of expertise are the gifts God gives to all His children, which too often I keep hidden.  The means of payment is love, which we’re told to owe all our brothers and sisters.


Fortunately, God provides a solution.  He tells us to form relationships of true community in which we can use our talents to serve one another and bear each other’s burdens.  He encourages us to let down the façade and be genuine with our brothers and sisters. 


I thank those of you who join me down this path as I attempt to move further in the direction of true fellowship. I see glimpses now and then and it’s glorious.  Maybe the roof won’t leak forever.



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2 Responses to Home Improvement

  1. TB says:

    What a great reminder that we need to be in community and that means truly connecting. I like how you implied that we should be saying, “Here’s what I’m good at. Does anybody need my help?” I think too often I can be so focused on my own needs and afraid to let people in that I forget I have gifts to offer others in need. Iron truly sharpens iron.

  2. Stacie says:

    Well said. Tearing down facades is not always easy but the end result is a stronger house.

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