How To Treat Jesus

Jesus offered some guidelines for how He likes to be treated.  He said that I should give Him something to eat or drink when He’s hungry or thirsty, take Him in when He’s a stranger, clothe Him when He’s naked, take care of Him when He’s sick, and visit Him when He’s in prison.  But how can I actually do these things for the Son of God?  According to Him, it’s by serving the least of the people He created.


Bible teachers often look for deep, hidden meaning in scripture.  I personally made some amazing discoveries when I studied the words of Jesus mentioned above:


— I found that there were no profound revelations tucked away in the nuances of the original language or historical culture.  When Jesus said “hungry”, He literally meant the feeling a person gets when he or she wants food.


— What Jesus describes as meaningful to God are the literal acts of meeting basic needs.  “Giving something to eat” means just that.  No need for fanfare or complexity. 


— Degrees of service are not implied.  To Jesus, one pair of used shoes presented to a barefoot person is as significant as an international clothing ministry.


What a privilege to hand a cup of cold water to thirsty Jesus.  And in His grace, He’s even made it incredibly easy – by appearing all around me, having more needs than I can ever address, and letting my small part of the solution be so simple.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    This goes right along with what you’re saying:

  2. Robin Martin says:

    some may wonder….is it really that simple. I totally agree with you. Yes, it is that simple. Easy? Not always.

    We sure get in the way most of the time.

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