It’s All Small Stuff

Historians note that the birth of Christ came at a point in time uniquely prepared for that event. The Roman Empire controlled much of the world, creating relative peace, easy travel and a sense of unity. Greek culture included the use of a common language. False idols fell when Rome conquered, creating a spiritual void. The list goes on. The Bible itself states the same thought: “When the fullness of time had come, God sent His Son.”

A sentiment shared by many people today is that since God has major world affairs to navigate, He can’t be bothered with an individual’s little concerns. Could this belief miss the point?

One who is able to engineer governments and whole civilizations for His purposes would find it easy to take an interest in you and me. Providing our needs, building our character through life’s situations, hearing the groans and rejoicings of our hearts – those exercises are almost relaxing to God, like a hard laborer on break.

Of course this mindset also falls short of illustrating true Divine power. Big problems don’t stump God, and the simplest details don’t fall through the cracks. To Him it’s all small stuff.


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  1. Alan W. says:

    It’s easy to sometimes think of God as a busy parent we shouldn’t bother. (“Dad’s having a tough week with the earthquake and the plane crash. Better not add to his stress.”)But I know through experience that when someone seeks God that individual will not be left in a vacuum. God will reveal Himself and such revelation will continue as long as there is a positive response to the light which is given. He always has time for our little concerns. Even when he’s slammed at work.

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