Jesus And The Lampshade

I happened to channel surf past a TV movie depicting the life of Jesus the other night. Although I feared it would be torturous, I paused for a few minutes. I was right.

Why do those shows always depict the Son of God with a British accent? And do they really believe he was that solemn all the time?

Sure, Jesus wept. He displayed some real anger, too. But there’s plenty of evidence that he also knew how to be a fun guy. “You religious people strain out a gnat and swallow a camel.” LOL. (Oh, Jesus, you’re killin’ me. Take that lampshade off your head.)

Kids loved being around him, probably not because he was teaching Sunday School, either. More likely he was playing peek-a-boo or tossing the Frisbee. As for interacting with adults, he gained the reputation as a guy who loved a good meal with a glass of wine. That’s not likely to happen to a kill joy.

The next time I stumble upon a Jesus bio on TV, I’ll be sure and switch off of it more quickly. I think he’d do the same thing. Maybe he’d be looking for some Three Stooges reruns.


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