Jesus … Friend Or Foe?

The first four books of the Bible’s New Testament, called the Gospels, tell the story of Jesus’ life. It becomes clear there that He was loved by sinners and hated by religious people. Today it’s the other way around. Why?

For starters, Jesus told the spiritual elite that they, not the “bad” people, were the ones who were doomed. He spoke judgment on those who focused on acting devout and pious, exposing the pride in their hearts, while applauding the ones whose failures were laid out for all to see. And He made serving God, who He called His Father, into a spontaneous party instead of a predictable ritual happening at the same time and place right on schedule.

Thinking about it, maybe nothing’s changed. I’m guessing that today’s spiritual outsiders would love THIS Jesus just as much as today’s religious folk would hate him. The problem is that both groups have the wrong view of the Christ. (Where that came from is another topic altogether.)

I’m looking for the real Son of God, the one in the Gospels, because I’m more of a sinner than a success at living the life of faith. And that’s wonderful! It puts me closer to Jesus … which is a great place to be.


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  1. Susan says:

    So true!! Very well said.

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