Joy And Consideration

I worry too much.  And while I tell myself that this helps me avoid a lot of negative situations (there might be a little truth to that), the bigger truth is that most of my fears never come to pass.

Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, said some things that apply.  He starts out with “In the day of prosperity, be joyful.”  I need to do that more.  Instead, when good things happen, I usually fret that something bad is right around the corner.  Interestingly, the Bible does not ignore this possibility, but speaks to it directly in the very next words from Solomon’s pen: “But in the day of adversity, consider.”

Adversity does cause me to consider.  It makes me slow down and ponder many deep things of life.  I mull over topics like how fortunate I am, how meaningless are the bulk of my concerns, the value of people with whom I share life, the facets of this existence that truly matter vs. those that don’t, etc.  At times, the contemplation even reveals ways to navigate through complex issues.

Just enjoying good times, rather than over-thinking them … and using the rough patches to lead me into quiet reflection.  After all, “God has made the one as well as the other,” just like Solomon said.  Sounds like a peaceful way to live.


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2 Responses to Joy And Consideration

  1. Linda Schuster says:

    Well said and true… :O)

  2. Robert Louis Stevenson said “To miss the joy is to miss all.” In my younger years I didn’t associate that quote with God or my spiritual journey, but as I’ve gained some maturity and perspective I see it as an absolutely spiritual message. Sometimes its through difficult circumstances that I learn the most, but now there is a sense that God is working in my life and that joy is part of the package.

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