Life To Life

I’ve never been pregnant.  And seeing that I’m of the male gender, I never will be.  But I’ve had an experience in common with two of the most famous pregnant women who ever lived.


The Bible character Elizabeth was a few months along.  Her relative Mary had conceived so recently that no one even knew she was expecting.  As the two women met face to face, however, the baby inside Elizabeth leapt for joy.  She immediately knew there was something going on inside Mary as well.


Life calls to life.  And when it’s the Life God has placed in our spirit, it (He) cries out to that same Spirit within others.  Whenever a connection is made, there is excitement and joy.  We experience this when Believers gather and Jesus fulfills His promise to be in our midst.  It also happens at the mall and baseball games, concerts and work places… anywhere that the living God in me senses the living God in you.


Human encounters that go beyond human contact are quite inspiring, as Elizabeth and Mary discovered.  Personally, I could use more of that.  Let’s get together.


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