Light Overcomes Darkness

Scripture tells us Jesus was Light that darkness could not overcome.


I used to do photography – back in the old days when cameras had film and film had to be processed.  I had my own darkroom, which I built in the garage.


When you’re building a darkroom, the idea is to keep all the light out, or else your film can be ruined.  I learned at that time that blocking out the light is nearly impossible.  As I’d spend time in there, inevitably I’d see a thin line of light creep in.  I’d patch that, and the next day I’d see another one.  And the longer I spent in the darkroom, the more thin lines of light became apparent.


Likewise the Light of Jesus is very difficult, if not impossible, for a person to block out.  There come those days when the person sits quietly in the darkness of his or her life, and slowly that Light creeps in.


Darkness can’t overcome light.

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