Listen Up

Over the 35 plus years I’ve been on this spiritual journey, I’ve met a lot of people who have deep insights.  At least that’s what they told me.  And told me.  And told me.  Not so blatantly, of course.  But in any corporate meeting or personal interaction they couldn’t resist revealing just how much they knew and every lesson acquired from their vast experience.  In many cases, what they said may have been valid, but there’s a bigger picture to be seen.


By comparison, I was also privileged to spend time with one man who was truly wise.  When he spoke, profound pearls of wisdom came forth.  Interestingly, he didn’t speak nearly as much as those who had far less understanding than he did.  Instead, he listened.


The book of Proverbs in the Bible says this: “A wise man will listen and increase his learning.”  Listening … and wisdom – even getting more wisdom.  It seems there’s a direct relationship.


When it comes to being wise, some day I’d like to move up from where I am today.  And now I know the secret – listening.


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