Lord Of What?

In the bible book of Jonah a terrible storm threatens to destroy a ship full of men and cargo. The narrative says that the sailors were afraid, “and each cried out to his god.” What? Is there more than one of those?

Shortly thereafter, Jonah identifies the supreme being in whom he himself believes. “I worship the Lord, God of heaven and Earth, who made the sea and dry land” he says. Some bible translations include the names Jehovah or Yahweh. When everyone on board directed their prayers to Him, a solution was found and all survived.

Personally, I’m not smart enough to take up the argument for or against multiple deities. I do notice that the bible frequently uses the title “Lord of lords” for this Jehovah. Hmmmm.

If there are lesser gods and they do hear the desperate pleas of their followers, I wonder what they think. Maybe the answer is “Don’t ask me. Let’s take this request to the REAL God.”


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  1. Alan W. says:

    The book of Jonah passage that reads “and each cried out to his god” strikes me as a reflection of the personal relationship God offers each of us. While He is above and beyond us, He also resides in each of us who open our heart to His personal presence. I may pray to “my God” in a manner of speaking, but it is the one true God, the Lord of lords that I seek. I’ll accept no substitutes.

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