Love Is Greater Than Faith

The Bible says that love is greater than faith.  (I Corinthians 13)  That hasn’t always made sense to me.


To my way of thinking, with faith I could DO things, whereas if I only had love – well, it just seemed less productive.  I now have a different perspective.


Jesus said that with faith I could move a mountain.  But without love, I might move a mountain in such a way that people would be harmed.  With faith I could possibly spare a friend from a difficult situation.  But without love, I might help someone avoid one problem, and lead them squarely into a worse situation.


My faith should be in God alone.  Only He knows which mountains to move, which trials to deliver people from, and which struggles are given for some purpose greater than we humans can understand.  This confidence leaves me free to fulfill a higher role, which is to unconditionally love those around me.

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