Made In God’s Image. Bummer.

The Bible says that humans were made in the image of God. That’s cool in a lot of ways, but there’s a downside. Fortunately there’s also a resolution.

No matter how much I accomplish or how well I do something, the gnawing feeling is that I could have done better. There’s even some truth to that.

I’m fashioned after a flawless being, so at my very core is a longing for and resonation with perfection. Of course I want it! How can I settle for anything less? This presents a problem, as I live in a fallen world as a mere mortal.

Yes, a gap exists between our reality and where we inherently know we should be. The good news is that we have the mechanism to bridge it. Grace. A divine handout there for the taking. (Perhaps whether we consciously choose to take it or not, but that’s a topic for another day.)

That makes the dilemma a lot easier to bear

And while we’re on the subject of grace, perhaps we should extend some to ourselves and to one another. After all, we’re made in the image of God.


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  1. Alan Williamson says:

    You at your best – that’s the real you. And you get there by recognizing your faults and shortcomings and striving to rise above them. It’s the ultimate journey and God is your co-pilot.

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