Made In God’s Image

The Bible says that man and woman are made in God’s image.  But which man… which woman?   I know many men and women.   Some are outgoing.   Others are shy.  Some like a good laugh.  Others are serious.  Which of these reflect God?


God’s attributes are so vast that they must be spread across literally billions of people.  Each man or woman alive, or who has ever lived, displays some nuance of the “personality” of God.  He is both outgoing and shy.  He is both humorous and serious.  Every pure human characteristic, not perverted by the fall of man, is an expression of a part of God’s character.


The image of God exists in your personality and mine, giving us freedom to be who we are with boldness.  Likewise, God’s characteristics exist in people who are nothing like me, giving me the responsibility to embrace and appreciate those differences.


We are each made in God’s image.  Together we reflect the limitless nature of God.


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