Miraculous Motivation

The bible records that Jesus did many miracles. Yet when asked to perform a sign as evidence of his credibility, the Son of God just sighed and replied “You’re not getting any such sign.” Is that odd?

To Jesus, feeding four thousand people with seven loaves of bread was not done to prove he was someone special … it was done because of his concern for a crowd of hungry men and women who had nothing to eat. Healing a small group of lepers wasn’t a political move to gain popularity … it was a gesture of mercy to ten outcasts, allowing them back into society. Another time, Jesus expressed empathy for friends, to the point of weeping, and then raised their brother from the dead.

Acts of love, whether directly from heaven or between humans here on Earth, are not meant to prove any point other than God’s deep compassion and grace toward His creation. And that’s the greatest miracle of all.


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