No Offense

I recently ran across a scripture verse that might change my life.  It’s in Proverbs, and it says “A person’s virtue is to overlook an offense.”


I need to hear that.  Too often I want to bring the offense to light.  I do it with the guise of trying to understand, or to find resolution… but are those my true motives?  I wonder.


Another trick I use is convincing myself that I’m just doing what another Bible passage says, “speaking the truth in love.”  But Proverbs tells me that, in some situations at least, the truly loving thing is to just give the other person a bye, as though it never happened.


Will this be a defining moment in my journey?  I guess only time – and a few offenses – will tell. 


(P.S. — Please read the comment, below, by “Deeply Flawed.”  Very insightful.)



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