Nothing To Say

I try to post a new article on this blog every week. But today I really have nothing to say. I don’t feel too bad about that though, because God Himself had nothing to say for about 400 years.

Between the books of Malachi and Matthew in the Bible lies a four-century span of divine silence. Imagine, however, a spiritual leader or preacher declaring that despite asking for inspiration, no new messages would be forthcoming until further notice. Most congregations would be horrified.

Let’s give each other a break. Or more accurately, let’s start telling the truth … there are seasons on the journey of faith when even the most devout followers hear nothing at all from God – prayers and supplications notwithstanding. I don’t know why the Almighty operates that way, but it’s his M.O., so I accept it and trust that there’s some greater good involved.

And that’s as much of nothing as I have right now.


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