One Is All It Takes

Scripture is filled with instruction for interpersonal relationships.  We are told to be patient with one another, encourage one another, pray for one another, and – of course – to love one another, plus several more, similar commands.  Lately I’ve been struck with the quantity mentioned in these verses: one.


One patient soul may be just the companion I need while my character develops and grows through some rough spots.  The encouragement of just one person could help me carry on in a difficult situation.  A single prayer warrior is a formidable force, and one person who loves me can make a huge difference.  Indeed there have been times when all these scenarios have been the case in my own life.


Likewise, I can endeavor to be the one who is that “one another” for a fellow journeyer. 

I am only one.  You are only one.  And that may be all it takes.

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2 Responses to One Is All It Takes

  1. Susan says:

    Thank you for being my “one” so many times over the years.

  2. Angel 22 says:

    Today’s entry helped me realize for the first time that as a rule I pray for individuals. Depending on our gifts I believe the Holy Spirit leads us to use which one(s) for those that need a special touch from above. Through the Holy Spirit He matches up the need with the one who can use their gift to minister to the other. Witbout our listening to Him and obeying others will miss out on a message from God that says I love you and am here for you. It’s been my experience when I don’t obey immediately He gently but firmly brings to mind His mission for me and that I haven’t been obedient. Once I obey the reminders go away and His next “mission” for me comes to mind. I also need to listen for direction which can sometimes be difficult in the world we live in. It’s true that it’s “one another” but while ministering to each other there are others watching and listening at the same time. They are indirectly being ministered to at the same time and shown that God loves them, too. It’s humbling for me to know that in His plan God choose His children to reflect His attributes to all around us.

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