One Is All It Takes

Scripture is filled with instruction for interpersonal relationships.  We are told to be patient with one another, encourage one another, pray for one another, and – of course – to love one another, plus several more, similar commands.  Lately I’ve been struck with the quantity mentioned in these verses: one.


One patient soul may be just the companion I need while my character develops and grows through some rough spots.  The encouragement of just one person could help me carry on in a difficult situation.  A single prayer warrior is a formidable force, and one person who loves me can make a huge difference.  Indeed there have been times when all these scenarios have been the case in my own life.


Likewise, I can endeavor to be the one who is that “one another” for a fellow journeyer. 

I am only one.  You are only one.  And that may be all it takes.

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