Other Mother

The term “mother” carries an interesting distinction. The Bible tells its followers to treat ALL older women as mothers. What’s with that?

Not everyone has happy memories of childhood or positive feelings on a day set aside to honor Mom. Maternal parents aren’t always as loving in real life as in the romanticized stories, and some are seriously ill or have passed away. So this can be a tough time … and that’s where the community of faith comes in.

Thankfully, most of us don’t have to look far to find a female beyond our years who exemplifies the qualities of a good mother. Jesus himself made it fairly simple when he said that everyone who does the will of God is his brother, and sister, and – yes – his mother also.

Mothers are all around us, and we get to select the ones we want to claim. People who can choose the woman who gave them birth are doubly fortunate. So no matter what our situation, we can all have a happy Mother’s Day.


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    Love this!

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