Most everyone knows that Jesus often spoke in parables.  But the Bible says that, to most people, Jesus ONLY spoke in parables?


Matthew 13:34… “Jesus always used stories and illustrations like these when speaking to the crowds.  In fact, he never spoke to them without using such parables.”


When the disciples asked Jesus why He did this, He answered that only those who were open to His teaching would be given the ability to understand the true meaning of what He said.  (Matthew 13:12).  For example, the crowds heard a story about a farmer planting seeds, but to the disciples that same story meant that God’s word creates different results in different people.


The other day I heard on the radio that there was a “car accident with injuries” blocking two lanes on the interstate.  To some listeners, this may have been nothing more than a traffic report.  To me, however, it was a parable.  Jesus was telling me to pray for the people and families affected.


News of financial turmoil in the world may be investment advice to some.  But to those who are open to the teachings of Jesus, it is a parable of God’s faithfulness and security.


Likewise family tensions, work challenges, health issues, and life’s pleasures — in all these situations, Jesus is delivering parables to those who wish to hear.


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