Peculiar People

The first generation of Christians were a mish mosh of different nationalities, educational backgrounds, social upbringing, economic status and the like.  Humanly speaking, they had no reason to be together.  And yet Peter writes in scripture that this group was a nation as legitimate as any, even though they were dispersed across the entire empire.  Sound odd?  No doubt.  In fact, in one Bible translation, God’s followers are told, “you are a peculiar people.”


The situation is not much different today.  Once in awhile I find myself in a room with a handful of believers.  Our stories are diverse. They encompass living on the streets, straight A school years, battling addictions, acquiring wealth, demonstrating against the establishment, fighting for conservative politics, embracing social activism, and on and on.  The one who has been squeaky clean all his life sits beside the ex thug.


But a remarkable thing has happened.  The Spirit of God has given us love for one another and made us one nation.  We’ve learned (or we’re learning) to make allowances, to challenge ourselves instead of judging, and to see the expression of God in the many facets of His creation.


The members of God’s family have only one thing in common… the divine Life that beats within each of them.  And that is quite enough.



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  1. Susan says:

    And that one thing makes all the difference in the world.

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